About Me




I am Alamu Olawale Ahmed. I have chosen to be known by many as Peaceloving. I am passionate about Data Science and its wide-range posive impact on every aspect of our lives

Peaceloving is a final year student of the University of Lagos majoring in Computer Sciences. He has a background in Chemical Sciences with a National Diploma in Science Lab. Tech.

Peaceloving has a passion for Data Science and making Machines learn on their own using Python and R as tools.

He is good at Pun-c-turing words, thereby rendering them ambigious. Due to his love for words, he is interested in Natural Language Processing and he would like to specialize Computational Linguistics.

"Artificial Intelligence without

Ethics is Disastrous."

- Peaceloving.

The quote "Machine Learning is a field of study that gives computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." by Samuel Arthur is one of my favourite.

We are in an age where machines are being trained to implicitly to learn on their own and improve their performance of doing so and this is what I am passionate about.